Scrap Metal Rustlers

using the rules of the Damned Human Race

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"16 hours ago a surveillance satellite in orbit of the planet Goudge picked up comm chatter indicating illegal scrap metal salvage activity at one of the old surface installations. 5th Platoon will conduct a cordon and search operation to apprehend the violators and cease all scrapping activity in the area. All Squad Leaders on me, the rest of you knuckle heads start pre-combat checks and inspections."

2nd Squad approaches the installation from the southwest in the early morning light. They can see various piles of supplies and cleared rubble but no scrappers in the area.

1st Squad arrives next from the east in order to cut any escape via the main road to their right. All is quiet.

3rd Squad arrives last from the northwest and begins to make their way past old concrete piles left abandoned a few years ago.

No sign of movement except for the light wind blowing plastic tarp shreds in gaping windows. Everywhere nature tries to reclaim the surface of the planet. The installation center is dead quiet as seen from the cemetery located in the northeast of the area.

3rd Squad begins their advance. The flamer maneuvers on the left as the RTO monitors the comms and watches to the rear.

This standard tactic is repeated by 2nd Squad as they press further into an old walled community park.

Cautiuosly they probe in and around piles of cut and stacked timber as they inspect some scattered supply piles. Looks like someone planned on being there for a period of a few weeks at least.

The light chain gunner with 2nd Squad takes up a covering position behind a giant statue. From here he'll be able to pour fire into any of the tall structures which might hid those looking to put up a fight.

1st Squad Leader and OIC receives the various brief situation reports and instructs all squads to continue cautiously.

The heavy chain gunner to his left suddenly spots movement and brings his weapon to bear. It's too difficult to make out what is in the brush a dozen meters away.

The hunters don't yet realize they are the prey as an unexpected enemy slithers toward them in the dense undergrowth.

Another pack of the monsters emerges from the surrounding terrain as they parallel the first in their stalk.

A third group arrives from the south and sniffs at the moist air trying to sense their prey.

A small pack of scouts has successfully tracked 2nd Squad in the park and appears on their heels.

From the west a second larger pack begins to make their way through the debris lining the back of an old building.

The left flank of the group spots one of the members of 3rd Squad who fails to notice the elusive enemy.

The Alpha emits a low growl signaling the attack.

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5

© 2010, Gabriel Landowski