Scrap Metal Rustlers

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Instantly all members of the pack repeat the sound and spring into action.

It's a mad rush as the creatures rush headlong toward their targets.

The rear guard in 2nd Squad screams out a warning as a dark shape lunges at him!

Instantly 2nd Squad heads are turning as the members search for the enemy only to find the beasts upon them!

The light chain gunner glances toward the rear security almost missing the monster at his back. At the last second he turns and sprays the beast but dies in a thick splash of acid blood!

His assistant gunner fairs no better and goes down without seeing his attacker!

The pack of creatures in the south rush towards the sound of the firing.

Meanwhile, 3rd Squad finds itself in a similar situation as monsters leap from nearby junk piles or pilings. Fierce close combat ensues as the men fight screaming for their lives!

3rd Squad Leader watches with horror as three of the beasts surround his AT gunner and attack!

The heavy chain gunner with 1st Squad is startled as screams come over the comm net.

The AT gunner goes down as he is slashed by sharp teeth and long talons!

The 2nd Squad Leader turns in horror to cover the left flank. The RTO at his back managed to blow away the head of his attacker without getting drenched in deadly acid!

3rd Squad loses their AT gunner and assistant gunner in a flash of butchery. The monsters close in for the kill on the surviving members!

The 2nd Squad Leader fires a long burst into a beast and orders the rest of his men north and out of the park.

The 2nd Squad right flank spots the approaching enemy to the south east and fires off an ineffective burst at them before sprinting away to the north.

Just outside the north gate of the park the RTO thinks he spots more movement behind the building to the west.

The 2nd Squad Leader stalls momentarily as he finds himself in a sea of supplies stack in a large confusing maze. The RTO at left watches for movement to the west as his buddy stands in the gate way and covers the park to the right.

Without warning the heavy chain gunner and assistant gunner are set on by hissing beasts!

An alien pack in the south scampers to locate the fleeing 2nd Squad just around the corner.

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© 2010, Gabriel Landowski