Scrap Metal Rustlers

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Another pack has found their way into the park via the east gate and rushes head long toward the trooper who fired earlier and drew their attention!

The 2nd Squad trooper screams a warning as he raises his weapon and fires a long burst into the mass of attackers!

Little is he aware of more monsters who spring from the tall grass to the west and threaten to cut him off from the rest of his squad!

A second wave follows the first in their attack on 3rd Squad.

3rd Squad Leader finds himself surrounded much as his AT gunner had been a moment before. Desperately he flails and fires his weapon but fails to have an effect!

Another of the pack splits off and attempts to ambush the 3rd Squad RTO from the rear only to discover the trooper heard him coming!

Back at the 1st Squad position the heavy chain gunner holds down the trigger but only mows down grass as his attackers spring over the wall of bullets!

The assistant chain gunner manages to use the momentum of the enemy and flips the beast away before emptying his rifle into its chest!

He then turns toward the two beasts which just dropped his buddy.

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5

© 2010, Gabriel Landowski