Scrap Metal Rustlers

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The 3rd Squad flamer steps around the corner and sees his bloody sergeant under a pile of slashing monsters. He puts the man out of his misery and sends the beasts back to hell with a blast from his flame thrower!

From his position the 3rd Squad RTO manages to pick off a fourth beast which was too far away to be consumed by the flames.

The two survivors of 3rd Squad link up and take stock of their situation.

The four living members of 1st Squad open fire and cut down their two aliens in a cloud of acrid smoke.

The OIC then leads his men away from the approaching enemy and toward the main road which was their original axis of advance.

Back at the north gate of the park a 2nd Squad trooper managed to cut down three on the monsters but more spring from over the walls and behind to gut him.

The 3rd Squad RTO shoots his beast down but loses his squad leader to acid spray.

The second wave approaches the survivors of 3rd Squad and springs to the attack!

Others begin to flow in and around the supply piles to approach the last member of 2nd Squad from the rear.

The remaining creatures in the south take an alternate path along the park wall and try to catch their prey unaware.

The second wave of aliens stalking 3rd Squad lands on the surprised flame trooper!

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5

© 2010, Gabriel Landowski