Scrap Metal Rustlers

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The OIC rushes his men headlong down the main road in an attempt to reach the survivors of the other two battered squads!

Ahead of them 1st Sqaud spots several aliens perched high above the maze of supplies as they maneuver on the 3rd Squad position.

These they cut down with a fusillade of fire and 1st Squad watches in grim satisfaction as smoking remains drip down the concrete pilings!

The surviving RTO of 3rd Squad sprays his two attackers and slays them in their tracks.

The sole survivor of 2nd Squad lobs a grenade into the cluster of monsters before diving behind some crates for cover. The blast turns all five into a green acrid mist!

From his new position the 2nd Squad RTO tries to get a visual on 1st Squad fighting their way toward him.

The motion betrays his position and he is set upon by a pack of taloned enemy!

1st Sqaud hears his dying screams over the comm net and locates the enemy pack a moment too late!

The beasts are caught unawares and most are blown to pieces by the accurate response fire from 1st Squad.

The RTO from 3rd Sqaud rushes toward the scene and spots something moving in the acid mist.

It's a fracking alien! He levels his rifle and blows the beast's head open at thirty yards. All falls silent as the monsters appear to have been slain or run away.

It is early evening before a drop ship can arrive on the scene with reinforcements and to carry away the casualties. The pilots use a burning pile of debris ignited by the flamer to help it locate the decimated platoon. There is no sign of the scrap metal rustlers. The reinforcements from 2nd Platoon begin to investigate the interiors of the buildings for further clues. What remains of 5th Platoon will serve as the reserve for follow on missions in the area of operations. With six dead and four wounded they now number no more than a single squad. The OIC feels little satisfaction when his men are later credited with twenty-eight confirmed enemy kills.

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5

© 2010, Gabriel Landowski