A Belting at Kohn

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1LT Price has been ordered to seize the town of Kohn in order to pass through a follow on platoon of mechanized infantry. Price has an under strength platoon of infantry supplemented with a section of M4 Tulip tanks.

A fire team from 2nd Squad edges up to a small ridge in order to put eyes on the town. All is quiet.

A half squad of German troopers hunkers down along the opposite edge of the field from the American advance patrol.

The Americans fail to spot their enemy and wave the rest of the squad forward up the rise.

1LT Price, at left, has his .30 cal machine gun team close by as they move forward.

Across the small valley on the American left, a reinforced German SMG squad hides defilade as their leader determines the best time to strike.

To the front of this hidden danger a fire team from 1st Squad enters the edge of the grain field.

Price places the .30 machine gun so it covers the field and farm house on the right flank of his advance.

The two M4 Tulips lumber up the dirt track and take up over watch positions at the center of the American line.

The bazooka team skulks in reserve just behind where Price sits a top the small hill.

A fire team flanks around to the right trying to find a better path to approach the farm house to their front.

The rest of 2nd Squad advances up the hill and takes up position in the edge of the tree line over looking the grain field and farm house.

Meanwhile, another fire team from 1st Squad cautiously creeps out after the tanks.

The cover the metal monsters provide is appreciated but it is hard to hear over the rumble of the engines.

The last fire team from 1st Squad appears and enters the field. The men begin to move across the grain in a ragged line.

Diagnol to their advance an MG-42 gunner and his crew cautiously raise up from their hide position.

In the far distance the American infantry is perfectly lined up for slaughter!

There is a terrible burst of fire like paper being torn as the MG-42 fire lances out from the enemy position and cuts most of the American 1st Squad to shreds! The survivors cling to the thick grain stalks for concealment or tanks for cover as the Squad Leader retreats back into the pines.

Those caught in the field wave, point and scream out the location of the machine gun to their buddies who now hug the ground as well.

Most of the Americans in 2nd Squad come on line with the ridge of the small hill but remain just inside the protection of the tree line. The tankers begin to traverse and search for the bad guys.

The Germans hiding on their own small ridge hug the ground tighter as the enemy barrels swing over their location.

The Number 1 tank slews its main gun on the flash of the MG-42.

The big gun booms and the enemy gun team disappears in a flash of light and clap of thunder!

Suddenly the .30 cal spots the enemy infantry hiding across the field and opens fire! The fire team to their immediate right join in.

The German half squad is peppered and a single wounded soldier stumbles back to the relative safety of an orchard leaving behind a fallen buddy.

A fire team from the American 2nd Squad moves to cross the field while taking the far side under suppressive fire.

Meanwhile, back on the ruined American left flank, a lone soldier has decided to sneak along the edge of the field of death and scope out the enemy - and does he get an eye full!

He rushes to the lip of the ridge and prepares to toss some grenades - only he finds he doesn't have any handy!

Back on the American right the lead fire team rushes across the grain toward the farm house.

1LT Price leads the bazooka team around to the right flank behind the cover of the ridge.

The remaining Germans join their brothers in the farm house and a withering fire smacks into the charging Americans.

Price is startled as German light mortar fire falls along the ridge. Good thing the Americans there had moved!

The grenade less American attacker is eliminated on the left flank and the Number 2 tank sprays the German held ridge in response.

The American foot soldiers sheltering behind the armor add some ineffectual fire of their own.

An embarrassed 1st Squad Leader moves up behind his men who ignore him.

Another tight bracket of German mortars land on the American held ridge with alarming accuracy. It must be a pre registered German target!

Germans held in reserve await orders near the edge of the town.

A second MG-42 decides the infantry behind the armor is the next most dangerous target and opens fire.

Americans behind Number 1 tank are felled but those behind Number 2 tank cower intact behind their machine!

After the elimination of his first gun team, the German commander decides to back his remaining MG-42 off the ridge and into safety.

The American attack across the grain field has met disaster. The combined fire from the farm house and ridge has destroyed the first assault wave and left a few wounded to fend for themselves.

The .30 cal team sprays the side of the farm house in an attempt to suppress the German fires.

Inside the farm courtyard a panzerschreck team sneaks up and into position to begin engaging the M4s!

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© 2010, Gabriel Landowski