A Belting at Kohn

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The unsuspecting Tulip tank is busy else where but the panzerschreck gunner is not to be rushed into a hasty shot!

The American 2nd Squad on the right flank reorganizes for a second push.

The German defender decides to push up half a squad to pour some harassing fire into the American held ridge.

The American tankers spray the trees but are hesitant to advance without infantry cover.

And with good reason as the hidden panzerschreck team in the farm yard takes careful aim and fires - a miss!

Some Yank rifleman suppress where the panzerschreck originated.

Others soon join in with their rifles.

The .30 cal shifts his fire from the farm building proper onto the small adjoining side shack.

Sensing the shift in the American weight of advance the German commander summons forth a half track to be ready to advance to the aid of the farm yard position if needed.

1LT Price knows he is losing the initiative as he advances over the ridge behind his firing men.

On the extreme right the last intact fire team from 2nd Squad prepares to advance along the edge of the grain field.

A shift in the German mortar fire lands it dangerously close to the skulking bazooka team!

The Americans pause in their firing as a sharp shooter waits for the enemy to show himself.

He doesn't wait long as he drills the German panzerschreck assistant!

Number 2 tank doesn't like being shot at with anti tank weapons! It fires the coax machine gun until the stream of tracers stitches the farm outbuilding.

The red torrent of fire is followed closely by a three inch rocket which scores a nice hit on the farm building!

A second German half track is moved into an over watch position to cover the bend in the road and any retreat from the farm house.

The lone wounded German SMG decides to take his chances with his brethren in the farm house.

German mortars get the range on the .30 cal team and cause some casualties!

Inside the farm house Germans pour hot fire into the Americans clinging to the safety of their tree line.

Price has lost more men than he can ill afford to lose. He has serious doubts that he can press home the attack.

The bazooka team staggers forward thinking any place other than a mortar impact zone is the place to be!

A second panzerschreck team advances close by their commander and awaits orders.

Number 1 tank pivots and adds its machine gun fire to that of Number 2 tank.

A main gun round smashes into the edge of the farm house wall but has no effect.

The second panzerschreck takes advantage of the tankers being distracted and races for the enemy flank to find a good point to attack!

German SMG fire is surprisingly accurate and a few Americans fell victim to its sting!

Again the German commander withdraws his men to protect them from the reply of American bullets.

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© 2010, Gabriel Landowski