A Belting at Kohn

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German mortars fall on and behind the American held target point.

The German main line of resistance is intact and safely hidden from the fires of their enemy.

The MG-42 advances into a new position and sprays the far American flank.

Encouraged by the combined tank fire, German troopers congregate behind the farm house and out of reach of their enemy.

Convinced no one could withstand the armored barrage, the flanking American fire team rushes toward the ruined building.

German mortar fire is shifted to land in the center of the field as Price watches his last desperate advance acted out.

The lone surviving .30 cal gunner scrambles back to his weapon determined to support the last ditch attack.

On the opposing hill the German panzerschreck team sets up to take on the American armor from their side!

Price orders his men to press on the attack!

Finally the Americans reach the first abandoned German positions!

German mortars again fall across the ridge line and take out the .30 cal gunner - brave but stupid!

What is left of 2nd Squad collects itself and advances after their brothers across the field.

Number 1 tank decides to reduce the farm house in support of the attack with a three inch rocket.

The round strikes the farm house and blows down the facing wall dangerously close to the advancing American fire team!

The panzerschreck team has a beauty shot on the exposed sides of the American tanks.

A miss! Oh the horror!

Behind the ridge German troops are shifted to support reinforcing the farm house position which has begun to crumble.

Number 2 tank spots the panzerschreck team and fires.

The MG-42 team watches in horror as the soldiers manning the panzerschreck are blown to bits!

The bazooka team rushes along the same path taken by the fire team to successfully reach the far side of the grain field in one piece.

With the farm house front in ruins and the Americans too close for comfort the German half track is summoned forward to engage the enemy!

The German half track fire begins to cut up the American toe hold on the edge of the field.

At the back of the farm house more German soldiers are rushed forward to bolster the ranks of the battered position.

The defenders take up modified fighting positions in the back of the farm house complex and await the American push.

The bazooka team emerges just in time to spot the German half track engaging their buddies near the field!

Number 2 tank advances across the field in support of the pinned American infantry.

The surviving Americans have been forced back to the relative safety of the grain field.

The bazooka takes aim on the half track and fires!

A miss! It is too much - 1LT Price orders the tankers to provide covering fire as his destroyed platoon pulls back behind the ridge. He informs his commander that he has failed to clear a path and that the supporting platoon will have to aid in the taking of Kohn as his own command it too badly mauled to do so on its own.

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© 2010, Gabriel Landowski