Interview with: Dan Pinkham

I would consider myself still relatively new to the war gaming hobby. I would also probably be classified as a younger breed in the hobby as I am only 24. Just over a year and a half ago is when I seriously began my adventure into the hobby. However, it was a long time coming.

When I was kid I always played war with the plastic army men, cowboys and Indians, and civil war soldiers. I even played war with Lego soldiers “basing” them on flat Lego pieces so they could stand upright on my mom's carpet. I would set up battlefields across the living room complete with construction paper rivers and household items as terrain and objectives. When I could rope my dad or brother into playing we would shot rubber bands or roll rubber bouncy balls across the ground to decide the outcome of battles. We even went so far as to flick the balls in the air to simulate mortar rounds. We set arbitrary movement limits for units, each of us taking a turn to either shot or move a figure. When I was old enough my Dad taught me Risk and for my 13th birthday my parents got me the board game Axis and Allies.

In school history class was my favorite and I always jumped at the chance to build dioramas especially the ones that incorporate any of my war toys. In my late high school years and throughout college I gravitate more towards computer war games as playing with toy soldiers was deemed not cool by those who I thought I needed to impress.

After graduating college with a degree in history I continued with computer based war games. But I found myself wanted something different, something more tangible that could make military history, which I had a passion for, come alive in my hands. I looked deeper into board war games and have been enjoying them but they were still not what I was looking for. Soon thereafter on a war games forum I frequented I began to see several post by Table Top Titans about making trees and buildings for 1/285 scale miniatures. Immediately I was intrigued and devoured the content on your website.

Thus the progression into the hobby began as I researched this newly revealed (to me anyway) hobby of miniature war gaming. From there I began to buy a few miniatures of several scales in order to decide on which one I prefer as. I currently use 1/72 and 15mm scale. I tried 6mm but as of right now it is not for me and I have not yet dabbled in 25/28mm scale. My current interests lay in skirmish level gaming in WWII and Ancients more specifically Vikings.

The first two rule sets I purchased were Pig Wars and Nuts! and I am currently painting figures and building terrain for them. I also recently got bitten by the post-apocalyptic bug in 15mm and have begun to collect survivor figures to game with. As of now I have decided on a non-mutation post-apocalyptic world which for now rules out zombies but instead pits survivors and gangs against one another.

So far in my brief journey in this hobby terrain building is my favorite part. At times I lack the motivation to paint figures but I always enjoy a good terrain project. I have also noticed a bad case of A.D.D. developing as I jump from one project to the next without finishing one; however, I have found this a common occurrence within the hobby. I have enjoyed the experience thus far so much so that I have even created a blog to track my progress and share my adventure in the hobby with others. I have found that running and posting to this blog has been an encouraging way to keep track of current projects as well as motivation to complete them. It is also a great way to be involved in the miniature war gaming community.

Going forward in the hobby I would like to continue my current projects but begin to get more gaming in. By getting more involved in the war gaming community I hope to find local players to game with. I also would like to attend some of the miniature war gaming conventions as I have not yet been able to make it to one. As for future projects I have had a nagging interest in colonial gaming and hope to one day more fully explore that area of the hobby. More than anything though I just want to continue to enjoy the hobby and all that it offers.

© 2011, Gabriel Landowski