McCourt's Revenge

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The mounted natives lead the attack trying to draw the fire of the enemy in order to give their foot soldiers time to reach the Raider defenses.

The sentries franticly traverse their Maxims to engage the enveloping riders.

The main body of the native assault surges forth knowing the enemy guns will soon come alive and catch them in the open.

The Maxims begin their deadly work cutting down numerous riders but the corporal of the guard is certain he and his handful of men are doomed.

On the wharf the sailors halt amid their various tasks at the sound of the firing.

Along the wall Raider machine gun teams prepare to open fire...

...and though a motley collection of weaponry they are no less dangerous!

The sentry gun crews begin to panic. But it's too late to try and make a break for the wall. They'll have to fight it out right where they are!

The natives cry out in a unified roar for battle. They can see the enemy crews perched high above the wall loading their guns and hunkering down behind them.

Back at the shore the Home Guard commander Colonel Gore rallies his men and orders them to form around the main house.

Native artillery erupts in unison. Pushed into place by hand prior to the attack these crews are energized to be massed together for the first time in their collective memory!

Even the small mountain guns add their contribution to the deafening roar and fire.

Rock and shell shrapnel spray an enemy crew huddled behind their gun on the dominat hill.

The sentry pit takes a hit and two of the gunners go down.

Some shots go wild...

...others are dead on!

Under cover of the thunderous fire McCourt decouples from the speeding engine and cranks the railcar's hand brake on full stop sending sparks flying with a terrible screech.

The engine and its deadly cargo hurl toward the rail gate at full speed...

...with a devastating effect!

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5| Turn 6

© 2011, Gabriel Landowski