McCourt's Revenge

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The size of the explosion stuns the wall defenders.

The rail gate disappears in a pall of smoke and debris taking a Gardner gun crew and the sergeant of the guard with it!

Carlsbad proper jumps to life at the terrible report! Men fill the streets and rush toward the wall defenses!

All along the wharf front more Raiders realize this attack is no harassment probe. The natives mean business!

Survivors stumble out of nearby buildings deafened by the explosion.

The Colonel forms his Home Guard into a protective ring around the main house.

Surviving gunners and riflemen open fire into the oncoming hostiles.

Other Raiders rush from the wharf and down the railroad tracks toward the ruined gate.

Through enemy fire the native mass presses forward to gain safety at the foot of the wall.

Native riders form and rush into the breech created by the deadly locomotive.

Unfortunately a Maxim and its crew are there to greet the riders as they emerge from the swirling smoke.

The sailors throw up a temporary barricade and prepare to repel any break through by the enemy.

The boats themselves prepare for battle and turn their armament to point inland.

As the native wave wraps around the sentry post it is struck by rapid fire artillery from the dominant hill.

In turn the hill draws the fire of the native artillery and suffers the consequences of being so exposed!

Expert riflemen fire on the enemy gunners as McCourt brings the railcars to a halt just outside of the ruined gate.

With a bellow he leaps from railcar and urges his native allies forward. The natives spared him when he emerged from the boiling surf clinging to life, now they greatly admire his brave example!

A living tsunami closes with the wall as scattered crews fire at random amongst the turmoil.

The sentry corporal and his guns fall silent to the howling mass of enemy.

The native foot reaches the wall as their rifles provide covering fire to keep the defender pinned down.

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5| Turn 6

© 2011, Gabriel Landowski