McCourt's Revenge

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In side the wall riders charge the enemy Maxim crew and engage them in a vicious struggle.

Others turn their mounts in an attempt to take the lower Raider hill position only to be met with deadly rifle fire.

Raider reinforcements rush to stop the flow of mounted enemy within the walls.

Raider machine guns continue to blaze away as numerous ladders go up along the entire length of the wall.

The reinforcements form solid firing lines and bring their rifles to bear.

The order is given and Raider fire pours into the tightly packed mounted natives.

So devastating is the fire the natives fall by the score or kick their mounts into retreat.

McCourt rushes past the retreating riders and attempts to rally them back to the fight!

Sensing the hill position has taken a heavy pounding by the native guns Colonel Gore orders his Home Guard to advance up the reverse slope as reinforcements.

The sentry Maxims are pulled from the chaos and pointed back at their former masters by men who know how to use them!

A line of Raider reinforcements go down before the combined deadly fire of this deadly duo.

More native artillery finishes off the Raider gunners on the hill as the Colonel and his men watch with fascinated horror.

A handful of surviving native riders decide to penetrate deep into Carlsbad and set some buildings on fire.

A group of Raiders do an About Face and cut them down to a man.

Silenced guns are fed fresh crews who scramble to get the messengers of death working again.

The remaining Raider reinforcements catch McCourt out in the open - but they hesitate!

A wave of blood crazed natives surges past the American determined to demonstrate their bravery only to catch the bullets meant for him!

The thin gray line fires as fast as their rifles will allow.

The expert riflemen continue their deadly fire from the railcars.

The native foot are over the wall as other riflemen cling to the wall top covering their advance.

Others rush through the ruined rail gate to lend aid to the brethren who went in first.

The Colonel orders his Home Guard to occupy the recently vacated hill positions.

Their rifles begin to pick off the native bodies as they emerge into the open.

One by one the wall positions are overwhelmed.

The native advance cannot be checked!

Their savage cry can still be heard by the defending Raiders.

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5| Turn 6

© 2011, Gabriel Landowski