McCourt's Revenge

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The line of reinforcements is cracked and it becomes every man for himself.

As the natives close on the wharf, Raider ship crews finally bring their guns to life.

Their shells tear up the ground about to be taken by the enemy horde.

Sharpshooters add deadly rifle fire from high in the ship masts.

Unfortunately nothing can be done to silence the native heavy guns which concentrate their attention on the hill and the Colonel's men with terrible effect.

The mountain gun battery decides to move forward and support the attack happening within the walls.

Raider naval gun fire smash the native advance as it tried to finish squeezing through the rail gate.

The captured twin Maxims continue to mow down more Raiders and break their line!

The scattered remains of the firing line flee in raw terror by any path of egress possible.

With the naval gun fire directed elsewhere the native foot rush across the defensive positions as quickly as possible.

A small core of Raiders find themselves surrounded and fighting for their lives at the rail junction.

The Raider hill is about to be seized as the native wave laps over the crest.

The Colonel's men give as good as they get but are forced back from their position!

Even as they fire sailors call out all is lost and encourage their shipmates to make steam and sail away before it is to late.

The naval crews increase their fire to buy their comrades some time.

The shells crash around the natives but fell only a few of their intended targets.

A sailor takes a steam launch to the shore in order to evacuate the Colonel and his surviving men.

Other ships push off from the wharf as their engines build up steam.

Fleeing Raiders try to form a line behind the cover of the cemetery wall.

McCourt leads his natives in their pursuit of their retreating enemy toward the wharf.

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5| Turn 6

© 2011, Gabriel Landowski