McCourt's Revenge

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The natives turn around more machine guns and put them to use on the Raiders.

Gardners and Maxims spit out a stream of bullets which rake the tall masted ships and their gun shields.

Under the covering fire of the guns the native foot rallies and surges forth.

Inspired, the native center begins their descent down to the edge of Carlsbad proper.

Even the steep face of the hill provides only a momentary pause in the forward progress of their attack!

The Colonel orders the retreat of his surviving men as they make for the waiting steam launch.

Behind the Colonel's fleeing party the surviving Raider reinforcements fire off a few last shots before they too continue their retreat.

Most of the Raider ships are scrambling to get to a safe stand-off distance from the approaching enemy.

The Ravenous manages enough steam to leave port but nearly collides with the tramp freighter!

McCourt realizes the ship is fleeing and rushes to prevent its escape.

Sailors row with all their strength as they struggle to move the tall masted ship out to the open water.

The last of the Raider defenders filter down to the shoreline.

Others are not so lucky as they are caught near the edge of the wharf.

The weight of the native foot has reached the outskirts of the town.

The Colonel watches in horror as his pursuers descend the hill nipping at his heels!

A group of natives celebrate the capture of The Death Speaker which had at one point been mounted on a railcar and shelled their village.

Others push past herds of livestock eager to reach the wharf first.

Gun crews bring enemy rapid fire cannon to life and begin to rake the departing ships with shell.

Some shot strikes the ships and wrecks havoc while other shots send geysers of water skyward. Empty crow nests are a testimate to the effect of the native machine gunner!

The Home Guard and Colonel in tow quickly climb aboard awaiting steam launch.

The Colonel's personal ship provides covering fire with medium cannon.

Although impressive, the combined shelling causes little damage to the native attackers.

The tramp freighter adds its own fire to the contest...

...and the men around McCourt are not so lucky.

The Colonel orders the withdrawal as his men fire what few shots they have left.

McCourt scrambles atop a crate on the wharf and feels the frustration of having just missed his prey. For a moment the gaping black hole of the iron clad threatens to belch fire and death!

The town belongs to McCourt and his allies but all the enemy ships are in flight.

The last fleeing boat of Raiders draws McCourt's attention to the large shore battery guns. He orders his men to follow as he dashes off toward the monsters braving scattered Raider shell and bullets!

The last Raiders manage to keep the enemy at bay until they drift past effective rifle range. Then the natives surge forth and begin to climb over the guns with powder and shell.

As the native gun crews begin their work Raider ships begin to fly apart. The tall masted ship is sunk before it can leave the bay, as are all of the smaller boats unable to avoid the deadly shrapnel. The Colonel and his remaining damaged ships flee out to the open water where they plot their next course of action. During that time McCourt is pleased to learn the Ravenous has sunk due to swamping in high seas very near the same spot he and his fellow Americans had been forced into the shark infested waters.

Turn 1 | Turn 2 | Turn 3 | Turn 4 | Turn 5| Turn 6

© 2011, Gabriel Landowski