McCourt's Revenge
American Sergeant James McCourt seeks revenge against a gang of ruthless Raiders and their marauding iron clad the Ravenous. With the help of the disgruntled and unified native tribes he may just have it his way!
Interview with: Dan Pinkham
I would consider myself still relatively new to the war gaming hobby. I would also probably be classified as a younger breed in the hobby as I am only 24. Just over a year and a half ago is when I seriously began my adventure into the hobby. However, it was a long time coming.
What's up with 6mm?
When a gamer decides to play a game they must select a the scale of their miniatures. With the various scales available, why would anyone go with 6mm? We went over to the 6mm Miniatures Yahoo Group to find out.
Arkham Horror
Mandy Thompson came to Arkham several years ago looking for work as a researcher for Miskatonic University. Since then, she has worked with many of the University professors, delving into esoteric tomes filled with scientific information, historical reports, and sometimes even occult ramblings.
A Belting at Kohn
1LT Price has been ordered to seize the town of Kohn in order to pass through a follow on platoon of mechanized infantry. Price has an under strength platoon of infantry supplemented with a section of M4 Tulip tanks.
Troll Hunt!
A small town nestled deep in a mountain valley has been attacked repeatedly by a rather nasty Troll called Narka. This oversized bully has a liking for human flesh, and tends to come out of his lurking place at infrequent times during the long cold winters to drag off any luckless innocents he can find.
Middle Earth - A Bilbo Story
It all started when little Tommy Longfurrow went missing! Up until then only a few livestock had been nabbed; a baby lamb, a couple of free grazing goats, a few chickens and a prize goose. The last snatched right out of the mill pond below Crazy Acre Farm, if you please. But this was serious.
Scrap Metal Rustlers
16 hours ago a surveillance satellite in orbit of the planet Goudge picked up comm chatter indicating illegal scrap metal salvage activity at one of the old surface installations. 5th Platoon will conduct a cordon and search operation to apprehend the violators and cease all scrapping activity in the area. All Squad Leaders on me, the rest of you knuckle heads start pre-combat checks and inspections.
The English un-Civil War of 1642
The years 1629-40 were the so called Eleven Years Tyranny when King Charles I, sometimes known as old stiff britches by those Puritan lot, used his Prerogative Powers and the Devine Right of Kings to govern the country largely without the aid of Parliament. Charles had dissolved Parliament following many disputes in 1629 in favour of a small council of advisors which included William Loud the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Thomas Wentwell the Earl of Scaffold.
Ghost Town of Karnash - Turn 4
The German force finally realizes the dangerous situation they are in and tries to withdraw before the Russian native force can seal their doom!
Fantasy Dungeon Delving - In 10mm
A couple of years ago, browsing the internet for game ideas, I was amazed to discover it was possible to purchase an entire range of 10mm metal monsters and critters exquisitely sculpted and designed to be used in classic old school style dungeon crawl games. To my astonishment and delight this range of miniatures was complemented by a 10mm 3D resin dungeon. I could buy a complete game of figures plus the 3D tiles at a very reasonable price. Far less, in fact, than it would ordinarily cost me to acquire even a single fantasy army in 28mm scale.
Ghost Town of Karnash - Turn 3
Things start to get interesting as the shooting intensifies and the bodies start to hit the floor!
Carlotta Wynn Pulp Campaign (9)
"And the rest of the script Boss, shall I read on?" Don enquired eager to show his employer the latest instalment of the story. He was quite pleased with the way he had picked up the pace again after such a lengthy delay in the original production. "I trust you Donny, no need to tire yourself. Just do me proud and I'll be one hell of a happy guy." Mr. Grantham's smile widened to that of a shark as he walked from the office, intent on searching the kitchens for his next hotdog and fried onion snack.
Interview with: David Edgington
Of course I had toy soldiers and cowboys when I was little. I think I was more interested in them than most of my friends, in part because I was really interested in history, even then. I also enjoyed making up countries, building forts and whatnot. At any rate, I still had my 54mm figures and a bunch of Airfix 20mm figures into my early teens.
Ghost Town of Karnash - Turn 2
The action heats up in this remote player game as the Russian advised horde presses the German occupation troops to their limit!
Ghost Town of Karnash - Turn 1
The remote hill village of Karnash has declined over the last century to the point of a near ghost town. The native commander, Rashad Kahn, has returned to his ancestral home in order to breath new life into the land with the help of his new Russian allies.
Raid on Light House Point
Four days ago thunder was heard rolling in from the north. That evening the light house failed to brighten the dangerous coast near the Point. A German task force is sent to investigate only to learn of a surprise Russian attack and supply base.
Interview with: Chris R. Chivers of Naloomi's Workshop
I started playing with miniatures well before I started school. My favorite were Lego's because I could do anything with them I imagined. Later I started creating stories for my Lego guys and adventures they could take part in. A friend and I played Dungeons & Dragons, without the rules, on maps drawn on grid paper. I've been hooked on it ever since.
Protect The Beer!
A nameless town in France, a beer supply under British guard, a German task force sent to destroy it, and the chaos that ensues!
"Glorious Adventures in Science Loosely Involving Generally Historical Times." That's how Christopher Palmer ( at right ) and John 'Buck'Surdu describe their set of war gaming rules. In actual fact, G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. is a great deal more than just another set of rules for Victorian style games.
Interview with: Stephen Gilbert
I originally planned the book with the intention of making the high points (the fight scenes) into battle reports to be played out in miniature using a set of rules I devised expressly for this purpose. The reader would have read the story, and then it would have cut away to a table top game, complete with photographs and game narrative. It would then pick up again at the end of each battle.
Interview with: Matt Robertson
I got started in the hobby very early on while I was growing up. My father was a history teacher and when he was in college he studied and wrote his master's thesis on Erich von Manstein. He also got into building model kits from Airfix and various other manufacturers and painted them up with friends. One friend of his had built from a kit or scratch built every plane that saw combat service during World War II (allegedly - as I am sure that there were some which weren't known in 1967 to have been in combat).
Interview with: Ron Woodrum
I started playing boardgames in 1976 while serving in the US Navy. Metagaming was publishing their micro-games series and just about every month a new one would come out that I just had to have. The Space Gamer was the first magazine I ever subscribed to and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of hobby ideas.
Carlotta Wynn Pulp Campaign (8)
Carlotta watched from the candle lit table near the stage as Betty Lee Jones finished her night club routine, retiring through the curtain amidst rapturous applause and whistles from the delighted guests. Before the curtain swished back into place, the intelligent young woman observing the singer from the shadow enhanced glow of the flickering candles, just had time to spot her depart through a small door at the back of the stage.
Taliban 1880 Style
The French have finally been tipped off as to the location of a local war chief who goes by the title 'The King of Kabul'. Quietly the French are led to the sleeping village where their nemesis is fast asleep.
Carlotta Wynn Pulp Campaign (7)
Even when (eventually, after years of struggling to be noticed) Yvette ended up working bars, acting as part time chorus girl for some of the cheaper amateur acts, and taking small tips for waiting on tables, she held onto the spark of her fantasy that maybe - just maybe, soon all her dreams would come to pass.
Carlotta Wynn Pulp Campaign (6)
A slim, good looking young woman squinted over her glass for a second, trying to focus properly. For a moment, she thought a punter wanted her services, and she was about to decline. The night had been long, and all she wanted now was to lose herself in oblivion and forget about the last eight hour stint. When her vision adjusted to the light, she saw the person standing next to her was not another 'John'as she had expected, but someone she had never hoped to see ever again in this lifetime.
WWII Scenarios
Here are some WWII scenarios I created a few years ago. Hopefully it will provide you with some fun games, or at least encourage you to create scenarios of your own to share!
Twilight World Action Report
However, a third phase of the plague caused by an unexpected mutation cycle within the xeno virus had started a chain reaction, which is turning the corpses of the recently deceased into reanimated killing machines who feast on the flesh of the living. What is left alive of humanity has had to learn to survive in the horrific global aftermath.
Carlotta Wynn Pulp Campaign (5)
Carlotta Wynn took one long last look around her small apartment dive. It wasn't much to look at, even less to speak of; but it had been her home for the last year, and for a brief moment a womanly pang of nostalgia... or was it fear of the unknown future... chilled her bones to the core, and she shivered as she stood in the door way.
Interview with: The Kamloopian
I was wandering around YouTube watching terrain tutorials when I stumbled across one particular individual who at first absolutely reminded me of the missing McKenzie brother from the movie Strange Brew. The more I watched, however, the more I realized that Steve was someone to pay attention to - if for no other reason than to see what he did/said next....
Carlotta Wynn Pulp Campaign (4)
Once Carlotta manages to fit the pieces together, she will tear this city slicker gang apart and smile as she sets the match herself and watches everything burn up. One month from now, the fireworks will light the sky, the shit will hit the proverbial fan, and heads will roll.... Just one month for Carlotta to scheme, and plan, and insinuate her way into position, so that when she is ready, she will uncoil like an elegant spider... and her bite will be very poisonous.
LV-426: The Return
After the utter cock up The Company made of the LV-426 incident, and the ensuing cover up they concocted to keep the truth hidden from the public, The Company doesn't seem to have learned much from their earlier mistakes. In fact, Wayland Industries then compounded their tenacious ability to flaunt the law and the truth even further, and within a few months, devised yet another underhand and nefarious plan to secure 'Alien samples'for their Bio-Tech Weapons Division on Mars.
Assault on Saint Le Groute
The Battle of the Bulge is underway and an element of German Panzers and Grenadiers advances to attack an American held town. Their goal is to seize the terrain and continue to press towards the west searching for a route to destroy the American supply depots behind the front lines. This will not stop them, however, from seeking out every last American they come across and eliminating them!
Wonderful, Fantastical, Whimsical World of Pax Limpopo
Queen Victoria has married Shaka Zulu and the age of the mighty Anglo-African Empire has begun. The science of steam and the clock spring have revolutionized the world. Great wealth and opportunities abound. This is a brave new era where a man of good deportment can carve out a kingdom for himself, and where a woman can ride a bicycle. Yet these great social advances have come at a cost....
Interview with: Nic Robson of Eureka Miniatures & Greg Hallam
Indeed, from the outset, we have a rare treat in store for our first readers; and it is with immense pleasure we were able to pin down Nic Robson & Greg Hallam from Eureka Miniatures, and persuade them to take time out from their busy work schedule to talk with us in an exclusive interview and games chat about their amazingly diverse and unique range of war game and collector piece miniatures.
20's & amp; 30's Pulp Fiction
The playing fields and go-cart side streets would empty when the weekly matinee would come on around tea time on a Saturday evenings, and the whole family would sit around and watch the telly: War of the Worlds, The Great Escape, or the endless sequels of Dr. Fu Manchu. Aaaah blissful times.
A Near Rum Thing
It is Yuletide Eve in a quaint little town just outside the suburbs of London.... actually, it is Yuletide everywhere else as well; but this story concentrates upon the nocturnal activities of our main heroes and protagonists, and takes place in the centre of Portestone's frost covered, cobble-stoned high street.
Inking Miniatures
I've decided to take a tiny break in the Pulp action to talk about my modeling of the Pulp Figures, Copplestone Castings, and Artizan Design miniatures I am using in my late 20's and early 30's campaign world.
Carlotta Wynn Pulp Campaign
Carlotta stayed leaning against her empty desk, smoked marijuana cigarettes.. and generally put off returning to her cheap rented abode above the fishmongers on the corner of Dock Street, and instead stood stared out at other peoples` lives as they meandered their way hither the thither to and from their nice comfortable homes.
... truth to tell; she didn`t have anything of her own to return to any more.