Colour Guard Miniatures

I am fortunate to be a member of the Maine Historical Wargamers Association, a swell bunch of down to Earth gamers who gather at least twice a year for Game Day and our annual gaming convention, Huzzah! Now, I know some of you have rockin'clubs as well, but let me give you a sample of the people I get to roll dice with.

For Game Day our club holds a raffle of items donated by the membership in order to raise funds for the hall rental and for Huzzah! One of our members had put out 24 half finished 28mm hard plastic Greek hoplites, and I figured I would try for and finish them off on my own as I needed more humans for my fantasy battles. Imagine my surprise when (A) I won and (B) was told by the donator, Tim Richter, that he fully intended to finish the minis and mail them to me. I was actually dumbfounded for a minute before I told him it was okay that I could just do it myself. Tim, not unkind, insisted on finishing them and I relented reluctantly. If he *really* wanted to do the extra work, then who was I to stop him? Besides, I got a sweet looking certificate proclaiming me the luckiest dog in the world to hold on to in the mean time.

Today the figures arrived, carefully packed in bubble wrap and foam chunks. HOLY SMOKES! I could not believe the level of detail. Mind you, when I last saw these guys they were half done at best. I had no idea Tim was going to put so much more work and effort into something I would have happily taken as they were. Keep in mind he had no clue I was going to do a write up like this. On the rarest of occasions I come across something which makes me drop everything else and share. Well, these guys did just that, and my deepest thanks to Tim (who happens to be the proprietor of

So here are the boys a few at a time, front then back.

Lastly, we have the required group photo, but click here to get up close and personal! Can't say enough about the attention to detail and quality of work, these pictures just don't do them justice. Contact today and you will *not* regret it!

© 2012, Gabriel Landowski