Things From The Basement ~ The Red Whale Inn

I am working on a series of games sponsored by Things From The Basement to be run at the Maine Historical Wargamers Association's annual convention Huzzah!.

Here is my version of their The Red Whale Inn as well as their The Red Whale Inn – Furniture Kit.

I used super glue gel for my joints and used my PVA glue for the trim work which allowed me to slide pieces and make fine adjustments.

I then used masking tape to hold the pieces in place. I did have to shave off the ends of the balcony to make them fit through their cut channels easier as there was some slight swelling in the wood. Once everything was where I wanted it I went back through and spread 2 part epoxy on the inner corners to make sure everything would stay nice and solid.

I decided I wanted to do something different with the roof, so I went for the shingle effect. I happened to have a ton of political ad post cards so they quickly were chopped up.

Using PVA can cause the roof material to warp, but I found I was able to simple skew them by hand back into proper dimension. Some folks coat the other side of the roof with a layer of glue as well and the two sides balance each other. I decided to leave well enough alone. One note is that I doubled up on the keep tabs on the undersides of the flat roof portions to make sure they had some grab and would not pop off.

A nice inside view of the floor plan. Notice the 2 part epoxy in the corners and I also reinforced the stair railing with a coating. The material for the stair railing was sturdy enough, but I was sure it would get battered with time. I also coated the sign on the front of the building with stuck out for the same reason.

First coating of paint on the outside. I experimented with some off-white base coat and white patch coat. The trick is to not make the painting perfectly opaque, as I think it makes models look fake. The roof tiles were in three different colors and once dry I did a brown ink wash over everything to give it some unity. Grey on the stone work with similar follow up ink wash, dry brushing for the dirt layer on the ground. Note I cut out the excess base plate material toward the back of the inn to help it fit and blend in better on the table. You could also make it part of a diorama instead.

Finished pictures. I could have taken a lot more time with the paint job, but this worked for my purposes. Everything got a chalkboard black base coat to help prevent the paint from soaking in which it does a little. Then the whole things got a matte coat to help protect and seal the model at the end. Figure is 28mm Heroic scale.

The furniture kit adds a lot to the scene. but for actual game play it might get in the way. To convince myself I was not playing "doll house" I decided the furniture would be useful for hasty barricades.

All in all great kits and well worth the money!

© 2016, Gabriel Landowski