Things From The Basement ~ The Stables

I am working on a series of games sponsored by Things From The Basement to be run at the Maine Historical Wargamers Association's annual convention Huzzah!.

Here is my version of their Stables kit. I forgot to take initial pictures as I was in the swing of things, but the process is the same as for the other buildings. I use super glue gel for the joints and then I masking tape the outer wall seams to hold it where I want it to dry. I then applied 2 part epoxy to the inner wall corners to make everything rock solid. The exterior "wood" detail was secured using thick PVA glue and the yellow stuff in my hay created from an old wash cloth.

Inside details. Note the epoxy in the corners.

I know the Zs on the doors are supposed to be on the opposite sides of the doors than where I put them, but I wanted the detail to show so I glued them where I felt they looked the coolest. Same for the other buildings I have done. Because I can.

Building gets a chalkboard black spray paint base coat and after it dries I glue sand/gravel on the floor and start white washing the outside. Later I went back and did all the trim work. You'll see I sort of slopped it on there to keep things from looking too neat.

The roof I decided to cover with more of the wash cloth to make it like straw. I show more detail on how I did this in my other review of the Stables – Main Building.

Figure is 28mm Heroic. The walls were finished with a brown ink wash.

All in all great kits and well worth the money!

© 2016, Gabriel Landowski