Things From The Basement ~ The Stables – Main Building

I am working on a series of games sponsored by Things From The Basement to be run at the Maine Historical Wargamers Association's annual convention Huzzah!.

Here is my version of their Stables – Main Building kit.

I used super glue gel for the joints followed by masking tape to hold the pieces where I wanted them and 2 part epoxy at key joins and corners to make it all solid.

I did try to get a little fancy with some earth magnets and metal washers for one part of the roof so I could take it off and gain access. I glued the other half of the roof down and sealed all my doors.

Note the Zs for the door should be on the inside, but I thought the detail looked cool so I put it on the outside.

Next I decided I wanted straw roofing so i cut up a wash cloth and started matting it down in the direction I wanted it to lay using a 50/50 mix of PVA and water.

Here you can see the difference in a after/before comparison. Definitely worth the little effort required to do this step.

Next I chalkboard black spray paint base coated everything. After I applied the colors to the roof and sides I went back over them with some dry brushing and a brown ink wash. I also laid the ladder down on its side against the wall under the overhang of the second story to make more room for placing figures. Just some ideas.

The weave of the roof material ended up drying together and creates a nice hinge to allow me to put items or people on the second floor. I guess the earth magnets still help hold the roof shut too.

A final note is that I put the sign on the side of the building instead of where the directions tell you to place it so that it had a lower profile for storage and handling.

All in all a great kit and well worth the money!

© 2016, Gabriel Landowski