Things From The Basement ~ Hay and War Wagons

I met Joerg Bender and his lovely family who operate Things From The Basement at the last Huzzah! convention in 2016 hosted by the Maine Historical Wargamers Association.

Joerg is always looking for ways to provide or improve what he offers for purchase so when he asked me if I had any suggestions my eyes immediately fell to their Hay Cart kit. I felt it was a nice piece to dress up the table but I noticed it wouldn't fit any of my 25mm fender washer based figures as it was too narrow to be used as a war wagon or as a perch for a defender to get elevation on their enemy. So we exchanged emails and Joerge sent me this picture of a modified wagon a few weeks later.

We both agreed that it was quite long (I thought about alternate historical fight where war wagon had dual rear tires...) so I decided that a 3-figure wagon would work best for me and I purchased 6 of them for a modest price. So I put the kits together with just a few minor uses of an X-acto knife and got them base painted for a MHWA Game Day (I plan on revisiting and finishing them as war wagons complete with shields mounted on the sides). Note I cut off the falling tongue, the part the animals are attached to, as I didn't want it sticking out needlessly or taking up space on the Table. If I put horses in front of the wagon you can't really tell it isn't there anyway.

I think they turned out great and they were a nice feature on my Fantasy table at Game Day. Thanks to Joerg for taking the time to listen to a customer, and be sure to ask for some of Gabriel's War Wagons!

© 2016, Gabriel Landowski