Rules for the Damned Human Race (DHR)
I've been sculpting my set of home rules over the last 17 years keeping elements of game play that I liked from other systems, so I'm telling you up front: my rules are a patch work of what I like from other sets.
Keep It Simple Stupid Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (KISS D&D 5e)
It wasn't that the rules were terrible, but there was something about it I just didn't like. I felt myself being pulled back to the idea of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons but I saw a lot of value in what 5th Edition brought to the table, so I did what any self-respecting Dungeon Master or Game Designer would do: I salvaged what I liked from both and made my own happy place.
In essence a colleague of mine, Otto Schmidt, designed a simplistic set of rules that I liked but, in the spirit of being a game designer, couldn't stop myself from tweaking. After introducing my local gaming club to the origional and then modified version, we've managed to come to a play tested rule set we think is worth sharing.
Vivid Imaginations
A simplified set of rules for creating wargames based in the weird and wonderful times of both the Victorian-esque and Pulp era.
Dungeon World 2nd Edition
These rules are for fantasy skirmish war gamers who like the idea of taking up table top gaming, but lack either the space to play a larger scale game, or who are reluctant to spend a king's ransom collecting 28mm heroes and monsters.
Pz 8 - Sci-Fi Rules
These ultra-simple rules are based on Mechanized Warfare Rules by Andrew Thomas, published by Irregular Miniatures.
Pz 8 - 1950/75 Rules
These ultra-simple rules are based on Mechanized Warfare Rules by Andrew Thomas, published by Irregular Miniatures.
Pz8 - 1935/65 Aerial Rules
These ultra-simple rules are intended for a very quick dogfight game or a campaign between fighter squadrons. There are not (still) rules for bombers. I use them with my 8 years old boy and with my wargaming friends when I have only half an hour for a game.
Pz8 - WW2 Divisional Level Rules
These ultra-simple rules are inspired by KISS Rommel by Norman Mackenzie, available from The original rules have been modified in different ways (for example introducing Fatigue Points) and made consistent with the battalion/brigade level, Pz8 WW2 microarmour rules.
Pz8 - WW2 Coastal Rules
The starting point for these simple wargaming rules is Schnell Rules for Schnelboote by David Manley, that is also a precious source for weapons and data for many different vessels. The concept of one cumulative Attack factor for lesser guns, derives from Hunters on the Shoreline, by David Gregory and Haute Kuck. Both excellent rule sets are freely downloadable from Internet.
Pz8 - 1939/41 Naval Rules
These ultra-simple wargaming rules are designed for encounters between Battleships and Heavy Cruisers, in the early years of WW2. Use them for a quick game, or a campaign, on a small table. The concept of range bands derives from Salvo! by Minden Games.
Pz8 - WW2 Rules
These ultra-simple rules are based on Mechanized Warfare Rules by Andrew Thomas, published by Irregular Miniatures.
Twilight World ~ The Game
Twilight World is a basic game system that was designed for quick and easy miniature wargaming in a modern horror setting. These rules allow players to fight desperate battles with small groups of human survivors (heroes) in low intensity battles, primarily against other players who control zombie hordes, and roving gangs of villains... and worse.
The Undiscovered Wilderness Plot Aid Card Deck
For Pulp or Victorian Style Gaming. Once every in-game week (or every couple of days if you prefer a faster pace of campaign with rapidly unfolding events) shuffle and pull three cards. Or if you simply want scenario ideas, use the cards in the same way to generate a set of random event ideas to spice up your one off scenarios.
Solo Semi-Skirmish & Role Playing Wargames System
Includes the In Game Random Action Decision Indicative Calculator (IN-RADIC) and the Plot Aid Card Deck details.
Bug Hunt
These rules are based around the Alien(s) cinematic hack fests; and includes as an optional extra a few guidelines for adding the Aliens Versus Predator movies into the mix. The rules work just as fine when played as a solo game i.e. with a single player pitting his or her wits against a randomly generated, dice controlled decision making Alien A.I. Bug Hunt is also ideal for one or more players (depends how many squads of Marines you use) versus a Bug Master (BM) playing the Alien Hive or Predator team.
Pulp Fiction (The Game)
The Comic Book days of the early half of the 20th Century is a wonderfully imaginative time for the gamer to carve a niche for his own creative imagination to run wild. The Pulp era was a time and a place filled with Heroes, Femme Fatales, Mobsters, Two Bit Hoods, Gumshoes, Steam Tramp Sailors, Chinese Tong Gangsters, German Gasmask Zeppelin Pilots, American Navy Sand-Pebbles, Rocket Men, Metal Robots, and larger than life tales. What more could the adventurous gamer want out of his hobby?