Making 1/285 Scale Trees

I needed a bunch of 1/285 scale trees but I wanted to make them myself to keep the cost down. I needed a lot of them, after all, so any easy and cheap method was preferred. First thing I decided was to purchase a big bag of autumn colored clump flock. The rationale being that I can keep them bright or paint them black and dip in green flock if desired. It also tends to be cheaper or on sale more often compared to the green stuff.

Next, grab some pins to represent tree trunks. Search through the pile of clump flock and locate chunks that will hold together if pierced by the pin.

As you can see these are fine looking trees already, but to make them more durable there are a few more steps I need to take.

To make the foliage hold together better, and to make sure it doesn't slide down the pin, I mix up 50/50 mixture of water and white glue. Make sure the solution is well mixed prior to each use.

Make sure you dip the whole tree under the surface of the solution, allowing air bubbles to escape, redipping as needed or massage them out with the stir stick.

Make sure the mixture soaks in and that there is overlap with the pin to create an anchor which will prevent the flock from slipping.

I gently tamp out the excess solution and use my curved needle-nosed pliers to stick the trunks into some scrap foam board.

Let your trees dry at this point. You can paint the trunks brown, or you can proceed with turning these bright colors to green. I want green so follow me....

Prep the trees by spraying with a black spray paint. Make sure you give it a healthy wetting down, but not so much that it drips.

Next, roll the tree gently or pour flock so that the paint is completely covered.

To be sure that there is sufficient flock coverage I like to bury my trees and let them dry completely.

After the trees are dry I hit them with a coat of matte finish spray. When I go to mount the trees to their bases I'll paint the trunks brown, but for now I'll let them be. I think that you'll agree that these trees are easy to make and look great!

Regards & Enjoy!

© 2009, Gabriel Landowski