Basing 1/285 Scale Trees

My previous tutorial was on how to make 1/285 scale trees. In this tutorial I will show you how I mount or base those 1/285 trees. I happened to rescue some quarter inch cork panels from the trash bin at work and decided to recycle them for my bases. To cut them I'll use my trusty X-Acto knife with a fresh blade.

Notice when I made the cut I did so at an angle. This is to start the slope I will require in order to have a smoother transition from the table to the forest floor. Note that when I make my next piece I'll simply flip the cork panel over and a part of the angle cut has already been started for me.

I finish cutting the initial slant to the base and then go back around the upper lip knocking off the sharp corner from the original cut. The main point here is to do away with sharp angles or corners which would look unnatural. Save the crumbly bits in your rubble box for urban ruins, etcetera.

Next I give the surface of the base a nice frosting of Twice As Tacky Glue (white glue from hell). I don't have to get every last speck of cork covered as anything left exposed will look like dirt or rock peaking through.

Next I shake up my flock and plop the glue covered piece into my pan face down. I give a gently press on the back of the piece to help the flock stick to the base and then I turn the piece over and sprinkle more flock on the areas where the glue starts to seep through.

Depending on how thick your glue coat was you may need to check on the piece after thirty seconds to see how much is bleeding through the flock if any sprinkle some more flock on as needed. Note the bottom edge of this piece where the white glue is starting to show.

Next I take my super cool trees from the previous tutorial and I firmly stick them into the cork base using my bent pliers. The main thing to watch here is that the tree itself does not stick too far above the flock surface to look unnatural. If your trunk/pin is too long you can always cut off the tip underneath the piece after the glue dries.

Place enough trees on your base to signify that the area between them is wooded but leave enough open space so it is easy enough to place vehicle or infantry without too much trouble. Notice how the white glue is still soaking through the edges of this base - I'll sprinkle some more flock on it as needed.

So there you have it! These pieces need to dry and then I'll clear coat matte spray seal them, but I couldn't wait to take the picture with a scout car to give you an idea of how these wooded sections can be grouped to make larger bodies of woods. Ultimately each base is rather simple to create and I was able to make a dozen of them in under an hour with no rush. You can make what ever sized pieces you want but I encourage you to think modular - don't make one huge piece if you can make several small ones and butt them together. This way you have the flexibility to have smaller groves of trees if desired.

Cheers & Enjoy!

© 2009, Gabriel Landowski