Sci-Fi Tank (1/35 Scale Kit Bash)

I started getting involved with miniature sci-fi war gaming thanks to ALIENS. I purchased a gaggle of bug figures and even found some nice Marine minis as well. Then one day I saw a 1/35 scale tank for a few bucks and couldn't say no to the purchase. My mind immediately saw that a basic kit bash could net me a nice piece of light armor for my games.

The main body of the tank I assembled as directed except for the two exhaust pipes. I then placed the turret on backwards and shaved flat the area where the main gun would have been mounted origionally. I took one of the figure bases from the kit and glued it over the opening. The bottom corners were clipped to allow the turret to turn past the future armored side skirts.

I then took the two exhaust pipes and mounted them off of the turret so that they appeared to be light or medium blasters/cannons.

I then cut up a piece of old stiff packaging plastic from Games Workshop into pieces of armored skirt. This stuff is awesome as it welds to the plastic kit with the use of liquid cement, and it was easy enough to hold the clear plastic over the tracks and trace out the shape I wanted with a marker.

Initial matte black base coat sprayed onto the vehicle.

I think you'll agree that with very little effort I've bashed a very nice piece of sci-fi armor. You can always add more stuff to it in order to push the effect even further, but for me this baby is ready for painting and then some bug stomping!

Cheers & Enjoy!

© 2009, Gabriel Landowski