2011 New Year's Raffle

Dan Pinkham was our lucky winner for the custom build raffle!

So right now I am in need of 1/72 scale buildings for WWII in Europe and Vikings. So I was thinking about a farm house with thatched roof. Attached are some pics of buildings like I am looking for as well as some links to several pics of what I had in mind. I figured a timbered farm house with a thachted roof would look fine in either era.

You got it Dan.

The roof was made from a cheap washcloth which was soaked in white glue and water then layered on a cardboard frame. Timbers are wood coffee stirs and the stucco is white paint with flock mixed in.

Roof is removable and the whole structure was made from firm cardboard and masking tape.

This view of the bottom shows the masking tape under the black basecoat. The whole building was masked up this way, so it shows you how well the paint and flock mixture works for covering it up.

Here a view of the floor shows an accidental bonus. When I sprayed the clear coat matte finish over the structure the cardboard texture showed through the floor nicely and resembling floor boards. Edges of the building were covered with masking tape and painted brown to look like timber.

Here we have a 28mm on the left with a 1/72 plastic on the right - works for both scales!

Some pics with some of Dan's Vikings...

...and here we have the building with some of his WWII soldiers. Hope you're happy Dan!

© 2011, Gabriel Landowski