Swiss Army Dice

So I was playing a table top game a few months ago and it had these neat dice with the results for several different things on the same die. What a great use of a single D6. So I thought, heck, why not make my own Swiss Army Dice!

First I stoppd by the local craft store and bought a bunch of 3/4 inch square wooden blocks. Not perfectly square, but good enough for my needs.

Then I made up some graphics using Power Point - you can use what ever you want yourself. I made an image file here. I like Power Point because it is great for sizing images for printing. Office skills being put to good use for once!

Then I print out on a sheet of sticker paper. Print quality isn't as good as having real dice made, but that would be $6 a die times 10.

Cut out the different sides by hand and slap them on a wooden block.

Viola! Swiss Army Die prototype ready for duty. I'll probably look to have these as custom made dice, but will experiment with these first to make sure I don't have any changes. With a single roll I can determine: 1D2, 1D3, average die, 1D6, a unit's rating, combat morale effect, random aircraft altitude, random aircraft maneuver, critical hit for vehicle or plane, random unit posture, combat action effect, time of day, weather, yes/no, 0-5 result, and a scatter direction. Just pick what you needed a result for!

Cheers & enjoy!

© 2011, Gabriel Landowski