Alien Eggs

I was out in the garden the other day with my wife collecting Sun Lilly pods in order to have the seeds for planting in the spring time. I was droning on and on as I often do about a myriad of topics and my thoughts turned to war gaming (like it often does). I laughed and held up one of the pods for her to see and mentioned how it looked like an Aliens egg after it opened. She joked that I could collect a bunch and use them for the table top. Then I started twitching and she realized her mistake.

Not too long ago I had come across wooden eggs at a local wood furniture store that I had thought would be good for Aliens eggs, but when I went back recently they no longer carried them. Luckily a craft store had opened up in my small town within the last year and the wife (love her) suggested we try there. (You'd have thought she'd of learned her lesson in the garden.) After walking around looking for stuff I finally asked a kind gentleman where we might find plastic bird eggs, the kind you might use for a bird nest ornament on a Yule tree. He took me straight to a package of plastics which were perfect for the job and I promptly bought four bags.

Placing the plastic eggs on the table I began sorting through the seed pods to collect those which would be of roughly equal size.

I didn't think I had many, but was surprised to see I had several dozen!

I dug out one of the black colored tubes of caulk I keep on hand for miniature projects and made a bunch of dog piles of material. I love how the caulk hardens and is sticky enough to hold items. Here I stuck them on graph paper, but I suggest using newspaper or wax paper as the stuff sticks pretty well. I had to soak the sheet (after it dried) in order to get the caulk off more easily.

I then cut the bottoms off of the seed pods in order to get them to sit better in the caulk. Use a sharp blade and it's no problem.

Here you can see the eggs in the back and the pods in the front compared to a 28mm Alien and I think they do pretty well. Once I get them black base coated and some green dry brushing I think these will be a welcome addition to my sci-fi corridor crawls.

Now to figure out how to scratch build Face Huggers....

Cheers & enjoy!

© 2013, Gabriel Landowski