Hex Map

I recently ordered some 1/144 scale bombers from Shapeways which are absolutely awesome! I love the fact I can order them in ones or twos. This also meant that I finally needed to make a nicer hex map for my WWI air combat games which I've been meaning to do.

First I started off with an old felt map which I made for micro gaming.

I then searched the aisles at the local craft store and found a hex gift box which was 4 inches across. I took the lid and painted the corners liberally with white.

I then stamped the lid down on the felt map and repeated the process as needed.

I marked the edges of the felt and used a yard stick to ensure that my hex rows didn't wander as I stamped the hexes onto it. I found it best to do a single row at a time for the cleanest results. You could just do a blot in the exact corner, but I wanted some "legs" on mine to make it easy to see the hexes. I was going to experiment with light or medium gray paint when I do my space board.

Cheers & enjoy!

© 2013, Gabriel Landowski