D&D 5e Random Spellbook Generator
Online spellbook generator!
D&D 5e Random Monster Generator
Online generator with monsters from Monsters Manual and the Tomb of Beasts!
Making Jungle Brush
I've been collecting lush jungle vegetation for a while and decided I need to finally get some jungle terrain completed!
Custom Rider Bases
I hate most of the raised surface plastic bases out there and like to make my own.
Sci-Fi Random Cargo Generator
It's a basic generator to give you some quick cargo based on Traveller RPG.
Star Wars D6 2nd Ed Random Character Generator
It's a basic generator to give you some quick characters to play or NPC.
Buildings From Scratch
While in El Salvador for an extended period of time, I decided to enhance my local wargaming terrain. After a day of raiding the local stores, I came up with the required materials.
Hex Map
I recently ordered some 1/144 scale bombers from Shapeways which are absolutely awesome! I love the fact I can order them in ones or twos. This also meant that I finally needed to make a nicer hex map for my WWI air combat games which I've been meaning to do.
Alien Eggs
I was out in the garden the other day with my wife collecting Sun Lilly pods in order to have the seeds for planting in the spring time. I laughed and held up one of the pods for her to see and mentioned how it looked like an Aliens egg after it opened.
Swiss Army Dice
So I was playing a table top game a few months ago and it had these neat dice with the results for several different things on the same die. What a great use of a single D6. So I thought, heck, why not make my own Swiss Army Dice!
Making Roman Tents
Joe Saur, a fellow member of the Society of Daisy Yahoo group, was kind enough to send me his scratch built Cold War Mediterranean fleets for free. Feeling indebted to him for his kindness I offered to scratch build something for him in return. His request was for some Roman tents.
Inexpensive Roads
I've been getting more involved with 1/285 micro armor gaming and have been expanding my forces as well as my terrain. I was walking through the local DIY store when I saw this tube of "Cedar Tan" caulk and decided it would be a great start towards making some much needed dirt roads.
2011 New Year's Raffle
Dan Pinkham was our lucky winner for the custom build raffle!
Cheap City Buildings
Stuart Wiltshire asked for me to do a tutorial on the cheap and easy city buildings I used in my Scrap Metal Rustlers game.
Scratch Built Gotha IV in 1:144
Last year I caught the WWI air combat bug and have been expanding and developing my kit ever since. After mashing up a bunch of rules and taking the best juices from each my local club has had several enjoyable sessions so far. All I need now are some bombers!
2010 New Year's Raffle Project
The winner of the 2010 New Year's Raffle has been chosen and their project request comes to life!
Urban Rubble Piles
While I was working on my Ancients project I decided I needed a break. I stared at a bottle of white glue, my bag of cut down left over sprue, and a disposable bowl.
Improvising Spears
I was walking around a toy soldier show (bad idea) with some money in my pocket (bad idea) when I stumbled across boxes of 1/72 scale plastics (unfortunate) that were only $4 USD a box (very unfortunate). So naturally I bought all of them.
Sci-Fi Tank (1/35 Scale Kit Bash)
I started getting involved with miniature sci-fi war gaming thanks to ALIENS. I purchased a gaggle of bug figures and even found some nice Marine minis as well. Then one day I saw a 1/35 scale tank for a few bucks and couldn't say no to the purchase. My mind immediately saw that a basic kit bash could net me a nice piece of light armor for my games.
Vegetation On The Cheap
I recently discovered that several of my brothers in arms are war gaming fanatics just like myself. I was invited to their private war game fest at a local hotel where eight of them were holed up during a weekend pass. As they were occupied trying to glue their new figures together I decided to run out and pick up some basic supplies to make them some terrain.
Basing 1/285 Scale Trees
My previous tutorial was on how to make 1/285 scale trees. In this tutorial I will show you how I mount or base those 1/285 trees. I happened to rescue some quarter inch cork panels from the trash bin at work and decided to recycle them for my bases.
Making 1/285 Scale Trees
I needed a bunch of 1/285 scale trees but I wanted to make them myself to keep the cost down. I needed a lot of them, after all, so any easy and cheap method was preferred.
How To Paint 1/285 Scale Buildings
I made the plung into 1/285 micro armor for WWII about a year ago. Although it has been tedious at times, I have to say that it was rewarding to start seeing the vehicles come together. Next, of course I needed buildings.
How To Recycle Figures
Stephen Gilbert was kind enough to send me some figures that had those bases on them, the kind with stats and stuff where you click or slide it around to change the values? Well, I never have nor want to use the actual game systems these were meant for, but I do like to add more figures to the gaming table where possible. What we have here is a recycling situation just waiting to happen.
How To Store ASL Counters
I started with the classic, Tactics II, around 1965 and moved on to Blitzkrieg, Stalingrad, Afrika Korps, etc. Storage was accomplished by just dumping the pieces back in the box. I never liked those plastic trays with flimsy plastic tops that came with the old SPI games and I think are still sold by Multi-Man as a component part. It was usually impossible to get the lid sealed without messing with the pieces in the compartments, and counters were always migrating to other spaces.
How To Campaign Like Me
We all enjoy war gaming, or else I would assume you would not be reading this article. What better way to have much deeper and more meaningful experience than to run a campaign?
How To Ink Figures
Well, when I was a kid I loved all those children's adventure stories, filled with colour plates of the action. Similarly, I adored the gentler atmospheric tales such as Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows, Paddington Bear, and all the Beatrix Potter books. The ones I liked best were those which contained lavish water colour plates... you know, the ones that were softly dabbed with a brush - almost stylised, where you could often actually see bits of the white book paper showing through underneath the colour print.
Online Dice Generator
Ever go traveling and forget to bring your dice? How about needing to roll 100 D6 - or even a 1000? Heck ever wanted to roll 10,000 D20s just for the heck of it? Now you can!